We've all seen classmates that study nonstop to get A's, but we've also seen those that seemingly barely crack open a textbook and do just as well. Students can be overwhelmed by the advice and strategies from their peers, professors and of course parents. It often becomes a jumbled laundry list of to-dos and not to-dos in a wide range of areas like time management, taking notes, sleep, how to study, where to study, what to eat, etc. 

Finding the right strategy can be a frustrating process where a strategy works for one class but doesn't work for another. Many times picking the wrong strategy puts the student in a difficult position. Do students continue with the strategy and trust the process? Should they modify the strategy, or abandon ship and try another strategy with no guarantee that it will work?


Through our experiences, we've broken down the general steps we used that put us in a position to succeed in our coursework. You can find the specific things we did in each course on their respective pages (general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics). Here, we start from the beginning with choosing the courses, and then move on to understanding the class. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we end with the step of understanding yourself. Remember, you must find what works for YOU. This is just what has worked for us. We hope these will be a helpful guide in finding your own strategy. In addition, feel free to check out some other books (link) and guides (link) that we found helpful in getting us to succeed in our courses.


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