who we are

We are UH alumni. The idea for this website began as a personal project while taking premed courses and seeing students struggle and lose hope in their own ambitions. After completing our degrees, we wanted to make a resource that we wished we had when we were students.

We know the transition to college can be confusing and overwhelming. This can be even more so for those in pre-health, where how well you do in your science courses can greatly impact your future aspirations. We've been there and that's why we have great compassion and empathy for those currently on this path. It is why we made this site that takes advantage of our fumbles, failures and experiences in hopes of helping others.


what we are about

Our goal is to offer resources we wished we had when we were college students. Though there are only a few people working on this website, we hope to gradually provide an invaluable resource for chemistry, physics and health profession students.

We are working hard to design content that will be added in the coming months and years. It will take significant time, effort and financial resources, but we are dedicated to maintaining and expanding this website.


resources & content

Curated Videos

We know from experience that there is often a disconnect between the things we need to know and how it’s explained. From different textbooks, lecturers and videos, we have sought different resources we believe best presents the material for the average student.

Practice Materials

It is often frustrating to focus and study material that are asked or presented totally different on our homework, exams and quizzes. Here we try to design practice materials that reflect what you may see in your courses.

Other Resources

There are a number of resources we adding. In addition to more content for the courses, we are looking to add more courses and topics such as College Essentials, GPA, Courses to Boost GPA, etc. You will see the website change from time to time as we roll these out in the coming months and years.